12 Steps To Wellness



From one of Australia’s leading health coach and wellness bloggers comes this practical, honest and powerful 12-step guidebook. 12 Steps to Wellness is a MUST READ for anyone ready to be their BEST self.

Are you ready to start your path to wellness? Melissa Ambrosini has experienced first hand the power of simple, consistent changes to our thoughts and behaviours. In the past 2 years she’s helped countless people on their path to wellness, transforming their bodies, relationships, finances, careers, and self-image. 12 Steps to Wellness_Cover_lowres

Through her powerful 12-step guide, Melissa provides a practical plan for cleaning out the toxic, getting your confidence back and living your dreams – giving you the freedom to be the gorgeous, radiant person you’ve always wanted to be!

Based on Melissa’s 6 month ‘Path to Wellness’ coaching program, this eBook includes the advice and steps Melissa’s shared with hundreds of clients. Now she’s getting up close and personal with you!

Your 12 Steps to Wellness eBook includes:

  • Melissa’s personal path to wellness: she get’s real and honest sharing her story of how she created her dream life.
  • Step-by-step guide to support you on your path to wellness including tips, advice and clear actions you can put into place today!
  • Melissa’s favourite recipes to get you eating well without sacrificing on taste or being a slave to calorie counting
  • Morning Routine: Melissa’s guide to a power-packed start to the day and the key to getting the most out of life!
  • Affirmations, guided meditations and more!

You’ll experience breakthrough after breakthrough as you karate chop those limiting beliefs, clear out the negativity and embrace total wellness! With 12 Steps to Wellness you’ll transform your life and finally start living the one you’ve ALWAYS deserved!

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