9 Things I am Digging Right Now


1. The Party Girls Guide To Peace. 

Party-girls-guide-to-peace2. This post about Man Love from my one and only.

3. Pinterest. How cool is it! Are you following me?

4. This awesome interview with Dr Sherrill Sellman and my girl The Wellness Warrior.

5. Earth Events – Self Love and Sisterhood Special Event. Are you coming?

6. Nicola Chatham’s kick ass course to start your own garden. Now all I need is a backyard.

7. This post from Connie about flow.

8. Tom’s online meditation course. Seriously awesome! Have you done it?

9. The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle on audio. I listen to this when ever I can. Walking to the post office, driving or before bed.

Now, over to your gorgeous one. What’s lighting up your life at the moment.