Rachel Gorney – Creator of From My Kitchen

Writing this testimonial I think I might find it quite difficult to keep it to just a paragraph. I can write a book about how much my life has changed for the better since I first met Melissa.

I started Melissa’s Path to Wellness in July 2012, at the time I had hit rock bottom and was in an extremely bad place. I had just quit my job, I lost my zest for life, I was emotionally exhausted and depressed, I was physically sick and ultimately lost all respect for myself. Melissa really had her work cut out, let’s just say I was a bit of a mess. When I scheduled my first appointment with Melissa I went into the session with no expectations or ideas about what this world of health and life coaching was about or how it would benefit me. For some reason I just knew and believed this was the right decision. I was open to everything and I trusted Melissa. To be honest, I wouldn’t have done it any other way, the last 6-months have been so fulfilling and satisfying that I can’t praise and thank Melissa enough. She has been an amazing gift and I’m so grateful I met Melissa and our paths crossed.

I have never met someone who is so kind, generous and openly supportive. Melissa has such a beautiful and warm aura about her that I knew I was in the right hands and never doubted her for a second. My life has completely changed and it is down to Melissa’s guidance, support, encouragement, knowledge and wisdom that I’m on a totally different path to when I first met her. What I find most attractive about Melissa is her enthusiasm, passion and encouragement. Whenever I had doubt Melissa would challenge me and make me realize I am good enough. Thanks to Melissa’s support and guidance I created my own business and started doing something I love every single day. Without Melissa’s program I would be on a totally different path and thank god I’m not because I couldn’t be happier.

Elizabeth Connor - Consultant

Melissa Ambrosini was sent to me from angels. After having known her since playing with Barbies in her backyard, discovering 15 years later that she was a holistic health coach changed my life.

Not so long ago, life was toxic – I was burnt out from the inside out. It’s easy to blame that on some devastating life events, but Melissa helped me to realise that only my mind set was standing between a life of bliss and happiness. I’m not talking about the ultimate body, either. I’m talking about feeling peaceful, believing I was ‘good enough’ (if not better!), giving back a little love to myself and being grateful for the small things in life. Every minute of Melissa’s compassionate coaching sessions were a source of strength and filled with realisations on how to live life the way you wish to and be true to your own existence.

When your family comments on your change in energy, clearer skin and a sense of freedom, you know something has changed. I have Melissa to thank for these positive transformations – but she would always tell me that I created this. She has allowed me to thank every failure and success for the lessons they provide and the personal growth they deliver.

If you would like to believe that heaven exists on earth, hear from someone who has ‘been there’ themselves and be inspired to make a personal commitment to YOU, let Melissa guide you on your Path to Wellness. I have been blessed and continue to be each day- thank you Mel!

Lauryn Tinker – Model/Designer

I came to Melissa as an exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted being. I had adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues that resembled Hurricane Katrina, an almost completely diminished Self Love account along with a long list of other ailments. None of these issues were making any sense to me, as I had just gotten married to the most incredible man, a new job that had boundless potential and prospects, supportive family and gorgeous friends.

From the first meeting with Melissa, the heavy cloud and weight started to lift from around me. Her boundless energy and empathy mixed with that infectious smile ensure confidence, love and a path to fulfilment and happiness. With her program I have made my life into one of wholesome and nourishing living as well as restoring myself to a strong, healthy, glowing Goddess, who is confident and able to make my life the best it can be.  Melissa is truly sent from above and is a fantastic inspiration to the sisterhood!

Summah Provost – Student

Prior to signing up with Melissa I was a somewhat healthy young woman, but emotionally and mentally I had no positive thoughts for myself. I scheduled a call and fell in love very quickly, the compassion and enthusiasm flowed and signing up with Melissa was the BEST decision I have ever made for myself. I went from low self esteem and no self love to overflowing with joy and positivity.
Past traumas were banished, I was able to move on and begin a new journey without needing to replay the old story of victim over and over again. To have a positive mind, rather then a mind full of negativity, was always a goal and through working with Melissa I have achieved this! To say I sleep a good 7 hours a night is no small claim, I am thrilled that I now get a decent nights rest.
People are always asking, Why are you so happy and smiling all the time?? I can in all honesty say, that my self love and happiness were all results of excellent guidance from my Health Coach Melissa, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her 6 month Path To Wellness program. Those calls brighten up my day, and I eagerly look forward to the next one! I am very grateful to Melissa for guiding and motivating me on my journey. I am now studying to do what she does, as I have been inspired.
Thank you Melissa, and I highly recommend scheduling a chat with this wonderful woman and beginning your journey on your path to wellness.

Samantha Whaley – Actress

Melissa has been such a beautiful breath of fresh air for me. She has such an infectious warmth and energy that radiates and feeds you. Then comes her dedication and commitment to each individual. The biggest heart, open and beating not only for herself but for us all. Melissa has given me a different perspective, challenged my old patterns and beliefs, invigorated and excited me by showing me where my wings were all this time and guided me to fly, take that leap. Encouraging me to have the faith and belief and love within myself to embrace my journey, my story and live the moments. Not only have i gained knowledge about life, health and happiness but I have made and cherish a great friend.

Amanda Glover-Daley – Art Director/Health Coach

When I met Melissa it was like meeting a long lost sister. Her obsession with healthy living matched mine like no one I’d ever met. The thing was, she was glowing with health, and despite everything I knew and was doing, I certainly was not. Naturally, I had to find out why…

I was going crazy, constantly trying to figure out what food was causing me constant stomach pains, sugar cravings and such low energy that I literally snacked my way through the day to stay awake.

With Melissa’s loving and honest reflection, I quickly faced the truth that I was working in an unhealthy environment which was stressing my body more than any food I did or didn’t eat. With Melissa by my side I took the leap to start living the way I wanted to.

Six months later, I now work for myself, setting up my own Health Coaching practise as well as enjoying a healthy balance of Art Direction on my terms. Has this affected my health? Hell yes!! I’ve never had a stomach pain since, I sleep better than I have in years, and I’m just plain happy. To top it all off, I can now eat absolutely anything I want!!

If you’ve tried every dietary theory out there and still feeling terrible, Melissa will help you find your own unique Path to Wellness.

Rachel Blackman – Bikram Yoga Teacher 

“My name is Rachel and I am a 25 year old yoga teacher. I should be one of the healthiest people around! However, 6 months ago, I realised I was far from health. My skin was in terrible condition, I was constantly fatigued, experiencing anxiety attacks weekly and felt like I was just hanging on. I felt at conflict with myself as I was not living the health I was preaching on a daily basis to the students taking my class. I decided to turn over every rock until I found a solution to revitalise my health. I went searching and found the best rock I possibly could, and that was Melissa Ambrosini from Path To Wellness. Over the past 6 months, Melissa has helped me become more aware of what it means to me to be healthy. Her reliable support, continual encouragement, varied resources and contagious laugh, has made the discovery and journey a lot easier for me. I look forward to our sessions together, and always leave them feeling better about myself and motivated to achieve the goals we set together. My views and priorities have changed for the better, and I am very thankful to Melissa for helping me achieve that.”

Gemma Sykes – TV Presenter 

“Everyday I wake up and let the universe know what I’m grateful for and Miss Melissa Ambrosini has quite frequently popped up in that ritual. Since taking part in Melissa’s 6-month Path To Wellness Program my life has improved immensely. I have become a totally different person. My motivation and passion for life has returned without question. My sleep has improved and my skin is clearer. I jump out of bed with a hop and a skip excited for the day looking forward to a super green smoothie (which I didn’t know existed before Melissa’s Path To Wellness program). I’m learning what it is I love in life again and I couldn’t have done this without Melissa. My eating habits and general health have improved immensely due to Melissa’s amazing wide knowledge. But it has been her love, support and gentle guidance that has helped me to love myself again and this is priceless, so for that especially I will be eternally grateful. I’m extremely blessed to have Melissa in my life, she has shown me what unconditional love, support and kindness is. Melissa you are an angel on earth. Thank you for this experience.”

Jane Thorpe – Life Coach

“My life had transformed! I have just finished Melissa’s 6-month Path To Wellness program and from the second month I was already falling in love with healthy food choices and organic unprocessed options. This may sound completely normal however for someone such as myself with a life long sugar addiction and who always made poor food choices, this is nothing short of a miracle. Before this program I wasn’t able to walk into a shop without buying sugar and chocolate. It had controlled me for a very long time. I have never

been in this new space before and my skin, body and energy are amazing. I am on a constant level energy wise. No ups and downs and any negative thinking have dissipated. Simply making these adjustments to my way of life have transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. Melissa you are amazing! Your gentle yet consistent encouragement has supported me to instill healthy habits and a whole new relationship with nutrition. I LOVE MY LIFE and my choices now. Thank you.”

Alina Berdichevsky – Lifestyle & Relationship Coach

“I came to see Melissa after an unsuccessful 3 year battle of trying to lose 5 meagre kilos. I was feeling a bit depressed by it all by then, as it seemed like what ever I was doing wasn’t working – even though I was following what I thought was conventional wisdom. I needed to get back in harmony with myself with an approach that focused on conscious eating even more than just ‘weight loss’ – and that is where Melissa came in. The whole 6 month journey was a blast – it was so great to be around Melissa’s wise and loving nature. She is always there when you need her – and is a walking example of what health, beauty and vitality should look like. She truly lives her principles every day, and you can feel that her tips and advice come from true integrity. As a result, I have finally adapted a totally new lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, but with Melissa’s support I now cook more, train better and eat what my body responds to best. The 5kg is gone and people constantly tell me that my skin looks amazing. What’s more, a newfound mental clarity and radiance is bringing in life and career opportunities daily that I haven’t expected!”

Rebecca Murphy – Actress

“Being coached by Melissa has dramatically changed my life. Before my 6 month Path To Wellness began I never exercised, lived of sugar, consumed copious amounts of coffee – my body was fueled by stress and bad food, I literally wouldn’t go a day without a chocolate.

I have battled with breakouts and hormone problems for several years and after finding out that I am intolerant to yeast, Melissa helped me develop a balanced diet and lifestyle program that works specifically for me. I saw results within weeks and what a difference it has made to my appearance and most importantly, my confidence.

Melissa has motivated me to exercise regularly (which I have grown to love), introduced me to meditation and has turned me into a self confessed food snob and label reader. After eating out for years on end I now favor staying at home with my friends where we love to prepare our own delicious, healthy food.