Answering Your Questions



Today on Healthtalks we answer your questions. (Keep ‘em coming!) Today’s topic is something I think is very important to touch on. Why and what kind of makeup and hair products do we all use?

Without spoiling it too much, let’s just dive straight in, shall we?

Like I mentioned in the video, if you see me walking the streets, I often have no makeup on. That’s because I don’t really like wearing it. However, for the purpose of Healthtalks and all the speaking events I do, it’s nice to put on a little. But, 95% of the week, I will not be wearing any.

I have recently started using Kora Organics skin care. It is really nice. I was also given a load of Ere Perez makeup—which is delicious. Have you tried either of these?

Over to you, beautiful! What natural or organic skin and hair care products do you use?