The time has come for Sam, Jess and I have to take a step back from Healthtalks for a little whilse to focus on our own projects. But don’t worry Healthtalks will be back for a third season but will look a little different. We will still be appearing on the show but more as a guest host.

Thank  you all so much for your support and comments with Healthtalks. I have loved every second of it.

Before we go Sam and I are in the kitchen wipping up the best raw cacao superfood smoothie recipe.

Love this recipe? Click here to get it.

What’s your fav cacao smoothie recipe? Share with us in the comments below.


Miracles are our birthright and today on Healthtalks I teach you guys how to become a miracle magnet and how to shift your perception from fear to love.

Let’s dive straight in.

Are you up for the challenge? Tell me in the comments below if you are going to challenge yourself this week with shifting your perception for fear to love and choosing to pop on your miracle goggles instead of your fear goggles.


Answering Your Questions


Today on Healthtalks we answer your questions. (Keep ‘em coming!) Today’s topic is something I think is very important to touch on. Why and what kind of makeup and hair products do we all use?

Without spoiling it too much, let’s just dive straight in, shall we?

Like I mentioned in the video, if you see me walking the streets, I often have no makeup on. That’s because I don’t really like wearing it. However, for the purpose of Healthtalks and all the speaking events I do, it’s nice to put on a little. But, 95% of the week, I will not be wearing any.

I have recently started using Kora Organics skin care. It is really nice. I was also given a load of Ere Perez makeup—which is delicious. Have you tried either of these?

Over to you, beautiful! What natural or organic skin and hair care products do you use?



The Organic Debate


This week on Healthtalks TV Sam, Nat and Jess chat about the organic debate. For me eating organic is a non-negotiable in my house. Everything that comes through my front door is organic, fresh, clean and as local as possible. I believe we were designed to eat this way; we were not made to eat fruits and veggies loaded with chemicals that make us sick.

Get stuck into this episode. You’ll LOVE it.



Today on Healthtalks TV Nat and Jess eat dirt! No jokes. Jess talk’s Nat through why eating clay is one of the best ways to detox your body of heavy metals.

According to Jess “We eat the clay, the clay binds to toxins, and then we poop the toxins and the clay out”.

Jess say’s look for either Bentonite or Montmorillonite. These are the most common and most sought after clays that are suitable for eating. Their ability to adsorb and absorb toxins is greater than that of the clays in the other groups.

Jess buy’s her clay with the rest of their Gerson products from Ishi Medical. You could also ask at your local health store, or do a search online to find some near you.

So, what do you think darling? Will you be adding clay to your morning routine?


Mad About Quinoa


YAY…there’s a party in my mouth because Sam is back in the kitchen today on Healthtalks. She is cooking with one of my favorite superfoods……quinoa.

Get your pen and paper ready as Sam drops loads and loads of nutritional goodies in this episode that you won’t want to miss out on, but don’t worry you can get the recipe here.

So beautiful when are you going to make this delicious dish?


I started meditating about four years ago and love it! My daily meditation has significantly changed my life. I started off doing it in yoga and Kundalini class. I was addicted to the inner peace, calmness, and serenity I felt, so I began practicing it at home. I later studied under Tom Cronin with whom I still meditate once a week.

The reason I loved meditation so much was because my mind was always so busy. I was in a constant state of fear. I was always living in the past and future, never in the present. But, I found that, when I was meditating, all that dissolved. I also realized I was not breathing down into my belly. I spent so much time breathing up in my chest.

Did you know that we have over 60 000 thoughts per day? Most of them are old thoughts from the day before. We do a heck lot of unnecessary thinking that takes us out of the present moment. That is why meditation is such a great tool. It brings you back into the here and now. It slows down your breathing and brings you back into the present.

I meditate for twenty minutes every morning and night. I do it as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning. I push stop on my alarm, swing my legs over the bed, and start. It’s so easy! You don’t need a special room, cushion, or altar. All of those are nice, but not necessary. Some mornings I will wake up and head straight down to the beach for a meditation on the sand. Either way, my meditation gets done first thing. This is a non-negotiable.

Here’s a quick and easy FREE guided meditation you can start to add into your morning routine.

You can meditate anywhere and in any situation. Heck! Sometimes, I am meditating whilst I am waiting in the line at the post office and sometimes when I am on the loo. Being in a meditative state is a choice that I choose to be in constantly.  It’s so much nicer than feeling stressed, anxious, or fearful. That’s the state of mind which I use to entertain.

I hear a lot of my clients say,  “But, I don’t know how to meditate!”

Here’s my step-by-step guide:

1. Get in a comfy, seated position.

2. Sit with your spine long, chin tucked in.

3. Gently close your eyes and lips.

4. Focus your attention on the tip of your nose. Breathe in and out through your nose.

5. You can even try: inhale for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, hold for 2, 1, and exhale for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

6. Repeat this over and over.

7. If you’re a first-timer, try this for five to ten minutes. If you are an avid meditator try adding five minutes to your practice for the next week.

Please note:

It’s really important to remember that thoughts that pop into your head are normal. It’s inevitable! Don’t beat yourself up and give up. Instead, just choose to let those thoughts go. Bring your attention back to your breathing and into the here and now.

Have you tried meditation before?


We have something very special for you today on Healthtalks. Nat and Jess are at the Surviving Cancer Event in Melbourne at St Michael’s Church and you get to hear our girl share her story.

You will also hear from two other kick ass cancer survivors as they share their cancer journeys and tell how the Gawler Foundation had been instrumental in that journey. Plus, you get to hear from the man himself, Ian Gawlerall.

The most profound message I took away from this video was:  “Why wait until you get sick?” Do something about your health today! Even if you feel good, make sure everything you do is aimed at nourishing or healing your body. That goes for the food you eat, the thoughts you think, and the way you move your body. Take action and live a long and healthy life.

What’s an act you can do right now to nourish your body?



You are going to LOVE today’s episodes on Healthtalks TV, we dive deep into Nat’s favourite topics contraception and ovulation. I am so fascinating by these topics also and cant wait to share with you all.

In this episode you will learn:

+ How to know when your ovulating.

+ What a healthy menstrual cycle looks like.

+  When you need to make sure you are using protection.

+ What the pill does to your body.

+ Much more.

What are your thoughts on this important topic gorgeous?


Today on Healthtalks TV Sam, Jess and I share our thoughts on the raw food diet. If your a raw foodie or not this video is packed with information about raw food, how to improve your digestion plus much more.

In this video we share:

+ What works for us.

+ Our view on the raw food movement.

+ Important things to consider if your thinking of turning raw.

Over to your lovely. What are your thoughts on the raw food diet?