How to Exercise Your Self-Love Muscle


We go to the gym to work on our biceps, triceps, and glutes so that we can stay in shape, toned, and feel good, right? So, like going to the gym to work those particular muscles, you need to exercise your self-love muscle (aka SLM). It doesn’t just happen or build up on its own. You have to put in the hard yards. Now, I am all for manifestation! But, I can tell you now: You will not have a six pack by just hoping they will turn up. You need to DO THE WORK!! Put in the hard yards and your efforts will pay off.


The self-love muscle is no exception. It needs to be worked daily.


Here are 9 of my favorite ‘exercises’ to tone up your SLM.


1.   Be Grateful

The universe recognizes gratitude. In return, it will give you more of the good stuff. Before jumping out of bed each morning or closing your eyes at night, rattle off as many things as you can that you are grateful for. You get extra points for jotting them down in your journal.


2.  Use Mantras

Stand in front of the mirror. Stare into those big, beautiful eyes and repeat after me:  “I love and accept myself unconditionally. Right NOW!”  Repeat, repeat, and repeat.


3.  Quit Picking On You!


We are going to stuff up, fall down, and make mistakes. That’s life! Striving for perfection is neither realistic nor healthy. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off, and cut yourself some slack, sister!


4.  Do Something For You

Every day, do ONE thing for YOU. Whether it’s going for a beautiful walk in nature, sitting and having a cup of tea, calling your BBF, or doing yoga, take the time to do something that YOU love. You are worth it.


5.   Get Still

Sitting in silence is the best way to calm your crazy monkey mind. So much chatter goes on up there (usually thoughts from the previous day, that don’t even matter anymore). So, sitting in stillness for ten minutes each day will do you the world of good.


6.  Pull Yourself Up

When you notice yourself buying into those old stories and limiting beliefs, catch yourself and within that moment you have a choice to: A) Engage in those stories, or B) Flip it around and turn your negative thought into a positive. The choice is yours, baby!


7.   Watch Your Ego

The ego is super cleaver. It will sneak into your mind and plant seeds of self-doubt whenever it can. Quickly! CATCH HIM before it’s too late!


8.  Forgive

Place your hands on your heart and repeat after me: “I love and forgive you, [Insert your name.].”  Forgiving yourself and others allows freedom and flow through your veins. Holding on to the past energetically attaches you to the situations. Let go of control and free yourself!


9.  Don’t Play Small


There is only one YOU. And you, my friend, are bloody AMAZING! Shine your bright light and show this world what you have.


Practice these each day and, slowly, your self-love muscle will develop.

Love + Light