Introducing Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Cookbook


I just finished reading Sarah Wilson’s brand spankin’ new I Quit SugaCookbook. It’s an extension of her brilliant eight-week I Quit Sugar eBook.

I quit sugar about a year ago and feel bloody fantastic! I have fewer mood swings (although my bf might disagree), constant energy, clear glowing skin and eyes, and no more cellulite. (Yes, ladies, you heard me right! You can actually get rid of cellulite – by quitting sugar!)

We are all well aware that sugar is seriously detrimental to our health. Right? And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s actually poison. It stops us from knowing when we are full, and leaves us wanting more and more. It puts so much stress on our digestive system and adrenal glands, plus our bodies aren’t too sure what to do with it when it enters our system. Best we just quit!

Sarah is genius!

Everyone should get their hot little hands on this book. It’s not about deprivation (YEAH!) or limitation (DOUBLE YEAH!) but more about embracing Mother Nature’s natural sweeteners like stevia, cinnamon, and honey.

If you would like to purchase the I Quit Sugar Cookbook click hereOr click here to get Sarah’s 8-week I quit Sugar program.

I think the photo’s say it all, my mouth is watering.

Let me know how you go and make sure you reach out to me if you need any help or support whilst you quit.

Love Melissa

Images via I Quit Sugar Cookbook, shot by Marija Ivkovic.