New Year’s Resolutions Gone Out The Window?


Whether the resolution was to up your exercise regime, eat better, paint the house, be nicer to your Mum, quit smoking, ditch drinking, get out of debt or learn Spanish, most often around this time of year, despite your best intentions, your New Years resolutions may be second priority. Not to say you didn’t have great intentions of keeping them, sometimes we just fall off the bandwagon and need a little booster.

Here’s how you can re-assess, re-evaluate and re-boot your 2012 New Year’s resolutions:

1.   Be Realistic.

Are you really going to paint the house by next weekend? Set yourself realistic goals and time frames you would like to achieve them in. Break it down into weeks or months, whatever works best for you.

2.   Get support.

It’s ok to ask for support, check in with your best mate, partner or a family member and get them to hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

3.   Reward yourself.

Often when we complete a goal we forgot to appreciate ourselves for achieving it. Reward yourself by getting a massage, mani, pedi, or something that excites you.

4.   Don’t sweat the setbacks.

Persistence is key.  Be kind to yourself!

5.   Check in.

Each morning check in with yourself and see where you are at with your goals. Do one thing each day that will take you that little baby step further towards your goals.

Be open to all possibilities, don’t limit yourself by your goals and most importantly enjoy the ride!