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12 Steps To Wellness

From one of Australia’s leading health coach and wellness bloggers comes this practical, honest and powerful 12-step guidebook. 12 Steps to Wellness is a MUST READ for anyone ready to be their BEST self. Are you ready to start your path to wellness? Melissa Ambrosini has experienced first hand the power of simple, consistent changes to our thoughts and behaviours. In the past 2 years she’s helped countless people on their path to wellness, transforming their bodies, relationships, finances, careers, [...]

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Coach With Me

Hi beautiful! Have you been wanting to: Create the life you want now? Learn how to listen to your body? Have glowing clear skin and bright eyes? Improve your eating habits and your relationship with food? Understand your body and your cravings? Find more time for ‘you’ and doing the things you love? Overflow with confidene and self-esteem? Experience more laughter, happiness and love in everyday life? Learn to relax and distress? Get in tune with how you’re really feeling? Well, you [...]

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How to Exercise Your Self-Love Muscle

We go to the gym to work on our biceps, triceps, and glutes so that we can stay in shape, toned, and feel good, right? So, like going to the gym to work those particular muscles, you need to exercise your self-love muscle (aka SLM). It doesn’t just happen or build up on its own. You have to put in the hard yards. Now, I am all for manifestation! But, I can tell you now: You will not have a [...]

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Melissa’s personalised 6 month Path To Wellness program is wonderful for anyone wanting to improve their health and transform their life. Melissa uses her knowledge of integrative health practices and life coaching to help people release themselves from old patterns, reach their goals and bring about long term change in their lives. She is a real life example of wellness and a picture of health and vitality. I would recommend her program to anyone looking to bring about a positive change. ~ Lee Holmes

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