Pai Skincare Review



I’ve spoken about the importance of toxic free and organic skin care before here and here but I want to revisit it because it’s so important.

Something to remember: We are not only what we eat and drink but also what we put directly onto our skin.

I invite you to read the labels on all your favorite products: body butter, eye cream, sunscreen, mascara, oil, lotions, and creams to see exactly what is going into your body. These products get absorbed directly into your blood stream and wreak havoc inside your precious, little body. Now, you wouldn’t drink your beauty products, so why put them on your skin?

I have super sensitive skin. I had eczema as a child. When I had my bad outbreak of the cold sore viruses, I was left with red, raw skin on my face. So, these days I am very careful about what I put on my face. Most days, I wear no makeup—just a little moisturiser and maybe some coconut oil on my body. That’s it! I try to keep things simple.

I have tried everything under the sun for sensitive skin. But when I found Pai, I felt like I had finally found the answer I had been looking for.

Have heard of Pai? If not, let me shine a little light on this beautiful company for you.

From London, Pai are experts on sensitive skin. All the products are formulated with sensitive and allergy-prone skin in mind. Finally!

What I tried:






Skin care experts at Pai carefully select ingredients with proven remedial and skin-soothing properties. They keep their products free from irritating chemicals and alcohol.

The Best Bits:

  • All the products are certified organic by the Soil Association.
  • Pai products do not contain any synthetic preservatives or other chemical nastiest. This makes them different from all mainstream cosmetic companies and many “natural” ones, too.
  • Wherever possible, Pai stationery and packaging is produced from recycled materials.
  • All invoice slips, boxes, and bottles can be recycled.
  • They do not carry out any animal testing.
  • They do not source ingredient from companies that test on animals.
  • All Pai products have been test trialed by willing humans!

I love that not only is the product beautiful, soothing, and delicious to put on your skin but Pai is ethical and doing their part for our beautiful planet.

Because I love these products so much, I want to give you a chance to win a Pai Skincare pack to try these products out for yourself.

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