The Wealthy Being


Last night I attended The Wealthy Being seminar hosted by Amir Zoghi from Be Free People. I walked away from this event with a very different view on money. For so long money and I have had a funny relationship. It has been ingrained into me to work really hard to make a living. But Amir raised a great point, ‘we didn’t come here to ‘make a living’ we are already alive’, better yet we are here to do what we love’. This sparked a lot of controversy throughout the crowd. As I sat back and observed what came up for me I noticed I have been slowly letting go of things in my life that I do not love any more. It’s scary because I like the ‘security of money’. However, as I have let go of these things that I do not love I have created space for that which I love to manifest.

Go to the feeling behind why you ‘need’ that sports car, big house on the water, or designer shoes? These material objects make you feel a certain way. So we aren’t chasing the money to buy these things, we are chasing the ‘feeling’ – security, status, recognition (all fear based) that these things temporarily give us, correct?!? But if we are doing what we love the money will always show up. It will always appear for that which is true for you. This is where your ego will try and get smart and justify ‘yes that Chanel handbag is true for me’. You might get disappointed when something you ‘thought’ was true for you didn’t manifest. Sorry to say but it clearly wasn’t.

I invite you to sit with the feeling next time you feel you ‘need’ something. Come back into your heart and connect with what is true for you. The answers are always within you.

If you are interested in attending Be Free People’s next event The Intuitive Warrior (held on the 2nd of June) the first 200 people can purchase a ticket here for only $1 (what a bargain!). Tickets are usually $197. Along with Amir, Jon Gabriel will also be speaking about how he lost over 100kg’s without dieting, just by using his intuition – pretty cool huh!

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